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Lawn/Yard Signs

Lawn Signs       Signs - Lawn Bag Sign

You'll have the nicest looking lawn signs in town! Our new led UV-cured, high resolution (full colour CMYK flatbed press prints directly on the Coroplast, which is perfect for high quality, colour-accurate signs. These days, most people cannot wait, so our turnaround times are lightning quick; same or next day following approval of proof.

Lawn signs (Coroplast or Bag/Vinyl signs) provide effective, fast & economical sign printing services. Signs are effective advertising tool that is impactful for many businesses and organizations. 

Lawn Bag Signs are the economical and environmental solution for screen printed signs. You can choose to print from 1-3 colours, same or different artwork on each side. These signs come double sided and include the metal U-Frame. Also referred to as "Election Signs" the bags are used by all types of business.

Bag signs are great for the environment as they are recyclable when returned to our office and uses recyclable material and they look great! 

Bag lawn signs are used by 1,000's as advertising tool for election campaigners, roofers, painters, window & door installers, electricians, snow removal, lawn Care, spa advertisements, moving companies etc.  Often these bag signs are used as "Slow down Children at Play" and "Deer Crossing" warning signs.

Lawn signs are excellent solution to promoting your business, service, political campaigns, fundraiser or any high-profile event. Lawn signs are best for:

-       Election campaigns (municipal, provincial, or federal)

-       Realtors

-       Trades and commercial services

-       Event planners

Easy to order! Please email us with the following information:

1.    Type of signs a) or b):

a)    Lawn bag signs

b)    Coroplast lawn signs

2.    How many signs are needed?

3.    What size are best fit for your purpose?

While we produce various sizes, our most popular sizes are below:

a)    Lawn bag signs: H20” x W 24”

b)    Coroplast signs (screen printed): H18” x W 24”

c)    Coroplast signs (digitally printed) from 6” x 6” to a full sheet of 48” x 96”

4.    Wire frames needed?

5.    How many colors will your artwork include?

6.    If Coroplast signs, how many sides to print? One or two?

7.    Your name, email, and phone number.

For more information, please do not hesitate to check out our sister site,

Lawn signs made easy!

Lawn signs are ordered by the following types:  

1.    Lawn Bag Signs – Screen printed:

Fully recyclable lawn bag signs provide effective, fast & economical sign printing services. Bag signs is an effective advertising tool that is impactful for many businesses and organizations. 

Lightweight and easy to install, plastic bag signs are printed on two sides and available in a variety of ink and vinyl colours. Simply push the steel frame into the ground, slip the sign over the frame, and you’re done! Plastic bag signs include a heavy wire frame that makes installation a snap. Display your name, web address, even your logo or photo. We’ll send you everything you need. Simply push the wire frame into the ground and slip the sign over the frame. Easy!

2.    Lawn Coroplast Signs – Screen printed:

Galvanize voters and increase name recognition. Coroplast lawn signs can be printed on one or two sides, so they grab attention from different directions.  These signs are available in a multitude of ink colours and are printed on durable, double-sided, 4mm Coroplast. Screen printed Coroplast works best when there’s 3 colors or less. Signs are created through a process of printing using stencil/screens and applying layers of ink on the printing surface. All signs are supplied with weather resistant wire frames, are quick and easy to assemble.

Repeated messaging is what makes Coroplast lawn signs so effective. By strategically placing a quantity of signs in high traffic areas, Coroplast lawn signs can boost the impact and credibility of your message.

Our digitally or screen-printed coroplast signs are tough, waterproof, and dent resistant, resembles the appearance of “plastic cardboard”. It is ideal for both outdoor yard signs and indoor point-of-purchase applications.

3.    Lawn Coroplast Signs – Digitally printed:

To grab attention, full colour is the way to go, one side print or both sides. In this case, Digitally printed Coroplast signs rely on a much newer printing process.  In this case, state-of- the-art printers are fed artwork, which after being processed by a computer, is then printed directly onto the surface of the coroplast. For artwork with fine images and lots of colors, digital printing is always your best bet.

We make getting a quote fast and easy! Just email us at call us at 250.382.8218 or 888-382-8211. Please request an estimate.



Wide format printing - a few days. If you need it faster, let us know.