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UV Coating

What is it?

Uv coating is a polymer resin with a lamination-like appearance which is used to protect printed products and to enhance their appearance. The liquid is applied after the product is printed, and is instantly cured as it passes under intense ultraviolet light.



Is the uv coating process toxic?

100% NON toxic. It has no flash point and emits no VOC's (volatile organic compounds), mutagens, fetal toxins or carcinogens.

What is the advantage of uv coating?

In addition to the physical gloss appearance, the printed material has an extra layer of protection from abrasio, is water resistant and will not rub off in someone's wallet or hands.

Is uv coating economical?

Yes. It's less expensive than plastic laminating and the least expensive way to add a gloss protective coating on small runs of a printed product.

Can I get uv coating on 2 sides of the printed product


What can be uv coated?

Coated cover stocks and Polyester plastic up to 14pt thick. Great for business cards and menus.

Can I get "spot" uv coating? (coating applied to partial areas of a printed piece)

No. Flood coverage only.

What's the difference between uv coating and plastic laminating?

  • Uv coating does not add a measurable thickness to the printed product.
  • Uv coating does not encapsulate the stock which seals the edges from moisture. For a totally waterproof product, we suggest uv coating Polyester cover.
  • Uv coating is less expensive.
  • Uv coating is recyclable.

Is uv coating waterproof?

If the coating is applied to plastic, the end result will be waterproof. If the coating is applied to card stock, the end result will be water resistant on the face only. Unlike plastic, the edges of the stock will absorb water.