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Foto Print and you

Thank you so much for your business! We are here to serve you, anytime, anywhere!

Welcoming our customers at our, 759 Courtney Street, Victoria, location for coffee and chocolate where you will find our team ready to serve with smiles. On this site, you can place orders, request estimates or, if you want to dive in, there's lots of information about Foto Print and the technology of print. Although we are custom printers, some commonly printed products and prices are referenced in our product menu. If you have something different or more complicated in mind, contact us or pop in and say hi.


The beauty of paper!

Satisfaction of seeing the result of countless hours of hard work come out truly exceptional! Dream bigger. Shine brighter. Print bolder. Be your creative self! We print a wide range of products from newsletters to business cards to flexible/rigid signs to labels to banners to ongoing specials. We are passionate about print quality and our turnaround times are lightning fast.


Done right and on time. Accurate, calibrated colour.

We enjoy a modern production process, which enables us to get it right the first time. Supplied, pre-designed digital files are subjected to a comprehensive preflight, which analyzes and ensures accurate colour, content and print quality, so please bear with us if we 'sweat the small stuff'. The end result will be fabulous.


Locally owned. Locally produced. Vancouver Island certified.

We call it 'Vancouver Island Certified', a mandate which enriches the economy of our island and provides one of the most enjoyable aspects of working with local business people; good, old fashioned relationships. In addition, we support the community in the way that we do best, through donation of our services.