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Clipboards                    clipboards - ROlex

We manufacture a wide range of custom printed or un-printed Polypropylene or PVC Clipboards in a variety of colours and designs with the option of encapsulated papers. Our custom, imprinted, and promotional clipboards each feature the same durable construction as our other binder products, and they can be made from a variety of materials including regular vinyl, padded vinyl, or poly. We, exclusively, use the “Z” clip, which we find to be the best overall clip because it holds sheets securely without creasing or damaging.

As a popular giveaway, promotional vinyl clipboards with your business logo enhances the brand with your customers and employees alike. With large imprint area and a variety of custom finishing options imprinted, vinyl clipboards are often the promotion of choice for many business. Clipboards have one of the longest longevity with customers and employees.

Finishing Options 

  • Color and logo placements. How do you want the unique clipboard be decorated?
  • 1 or  2 half-pockets option
  • Business card pocket?
  • CD pocket
  • Padding 
  • Brass/nickel corner


Please email us at or request an estimate 

If you are unsure, we would be pleased to explain the options available. 

Minimum quantities are typically 25 units however are subject to change based on project specifications.