Fotoprint Ltd.
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Storefront Demo

Contact our office and request the Demo login information.
Pretend order some business cards for your new employee. See how incredibly simple and efficient it is, with no charges for typesetting or proofing. No phone calls, emails or pigeon runs.

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What is it?

For businesses with multiple locations or employees, it's a customized online, web-to-print system, which simplifies and expedites the ordering process, while saving money.
A unique login is supplied to each authorized user in the office, which takes them to a catalog of the printed product. Editable items such as business cards can be added or edited, then added to a simple shopping cart system.
Proofing is on-the-fly, with no emails or phone calls back and forth.

Please let us know if this opportunity may work for you. It's easy to set up and will blow you away as to how much time and money it will save you.