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Variable Data

Foto Print is able to offer a full range of variable data (mail merge) services. From personalized greeting cards, to complete direct marketing campaigns. Using the latest XMPie software combined with our colour and black & white high speed print processors, variable data jobs can be imaged at the same speed as regular imaging.

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All we need from you to get started is the artwork and a database file (either Excel or CSV format) or numbering sequence. We can take care of the programming and field setup for you, or work with your designer. Variable fields can be text, images, bar codes, or numbers. Special requirements such as postage standards should be arranged with your mail house beforehand, and they should be involved in the proofing process.

We can work with any idea you have. A different picture if the recipient is male or female? Numbering in any sequence? Larger font if they are over 65? Different spellings for international recipients? Almost anything is possible! Please note that complex jobs (anything requiring text reflow or image replacement) must be created in Adobe InDesign, and should use OpenType fonts. Variable data jobs not requiring text reflow or image replacement may be supplied as a PDF generated from any application. Contact us to discuss your requirements before beginning any variable data project.