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Direct Mail

Direct Mail Helps Build Brands 

Recent studies have shown that physical ads created stronger memories, sparked desirability, and led to higher subjective value for advertised products, while digital ads captured subjects' attention more quickly. 

The field study campaigns showed a higher consumer response to a physical-digital ad sequence compared to a digital-digital sequence.  Other study findings helping with your marketing design:

  • Faces spurred higher recall rates than scenes or words
  • Physical-physical sequence was best for brand-building messages.

Direct Mail - 1          Direct Mail - 2        Direct Mail - 4

The latter finding suggests a growth opportunity for Direct Mail, as advertising mail providing an effective tool for brand recognition campaigns.

Let us provide you a quote for your brochure, postcard, envelopes, and any other marketing material, combined with our managing your direct mail through our local partnerships and Canada Post, you will take advantage of our one stop shop service.  

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