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Business cards

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Welcome to business card central! Superb quality. Lightning fast turnaround.
Whether you are looking to print for yourself or for multiple people, you are in the right place.
If you are supplying a print ready digital file, click *here* for some important benefits.

We print ...

  • Black only - simple and classy!
  • Full colour - printed on our new *hd digital colour press* . Gorgeous!
  • Single spot colour(s) - precise, *offset* printed Pantone (pms) colours for accurate colour matching of your company brand.
  • Preprinted shells and imprints - the best quality and least expensive program for multiple employees and/or locations. Ask us about it.
  • *Storefront* is a customized, online, web-to-print system, which simplifies and expedities the ordering process for large organizations with multiple employees. It enables on-the-fly editing and proofing, with no editing costs or need for phone calls or emails. Ask us about it.

We have lots of stock choices ... click *here* for a full list of our current inventoried stocks.

You can get:

  • Different thicknesses up to 34pt for our *NEW* super thick, double-layers option.
  • Different finishes. Uncoated  (matte) or coated (glossy).
  • Different textures. Linen or laid finish, columns, etc.
  • Different shades/colours.
  • Up to 100% recycled content. *Sustainable Forest Managed* paper.
  • Plastic. Tearproof/waterproof/bulletproof (well, not quite bulletproof).
  • Magnetic for fridges, white boards, etc.
  • Special finishing. Round corners, hi-gloss flood uv coating, embossing, foil stamping, unique shapes.


Hd digital printing (most business card orders) - same day/next day

Offset printing - a little longer

Fine Print

Prices are based on supplied print ready digital files in PDF format and include a hard copy as well as a PDF proof. Modifications to files and/or additional proofs will be subject to extra charges. Applicable taxes and delivery extra. Prices are influenced by the fluctuating cost of materials, and are subject to change without notice.


Templates for common graphic design applications are available in our templates section. Be sure that you understand how bleeds work before using these templates.

Further study

Do you employ quality control?

Yes. We hired the quality control guy that used to work at the M&M candy factory until he got caught throwing away all the candies that said "W" (kidding :)

Quality control is a priority at Fotoprint. We enjoy one of the smallest reprint percentages in the industry because we"get it right the first time". When our customers pick up their printing (even business cards), we are used to big smiles.
A FRIENDLY WARNING: For thoses who have not dealt with us before, please bear with us if we seem overly attentive to details such as bleeds, folded panel sizes, low resolution images, etc. If you care about print quality, rest assured that the end result will be fabulous.

Do you offer graphic design?

We are not "graphic designers" but are great at production work, which includes typesetting, document creation/layout, image editing/manipulation. If you need something like a business card, a brochure or a rack card created and you have a general idea how you would like it to look, we are a perfect choice. Gather your ideas, your elements: ie. photos, illustrations, logos and bring them in.

A wonderful source for royalty free images, photos, etc., is Search, find and make note of the image number(s) that you would like to purchase.

Call or come in and talk to us. We can help.

Do you print on plastic?


We utilize 2 different production processes, each having their specialty. The products vary from large signage to business cards to menus.

What are bleeds and why do you require them?

'Bleed' is the term used to indicate the area of a printed image that will be trimmed off after the document is printed and cut to the finished size. Printed pieces that have a white border around all 4 edges do not bleed. Projects that make use of image bleed must extend any background and-or images 1/8" (3mm) beyond the final trim edge (crop marks). We create bleeds by cutting on the crop marks, through the enlarged image. Depending upon which software you are using, if you do not understand how to create bleeds, we can typically create them for you. Let us know when submitting your job or estimate request.

Business card showing bleeds and crop marks

Fotoprint has a reputation for providing high quality printing and we can only produce this quality if we start with a properly created file. Some print shops will 'fudge' a bleed by enlarging the artwork or trimming under size. We will only do this as a last resort because doing so may affect the final size, fold/crease positions, or may have unwanted and/or uneven white lines around the document. We encourage you to visit this section for tips on creating bleeds properly.

What are the pitfalls of purchasing from an online printer?

These are points to be aware of.

  • Most printing is from files that are pre-desiged, ready to print. In our experience, about 22% of those files have various issues, which, at minimum, will affect the print quality. Without proper intervention to address those issues, we shudder at the thought of the outcome.
  • Accuracy of colour is a gamble. Most online shops don't offer an online proof, but if they do, or you choose to pay extra for it, the colours will not match your monitor. Many people care about accurate colour.
  • You must pay in full when you order. What recourse do you have if the printing that is delivered to your door is not acceptable? Who do you call? Gostbusters can't help.
  • Many web sites are individuals with a web presence, working out of their apartments. They are brokers and have little control.
  • You wait ... and wait.
  • For anything larger than a business card box, the cost for freight is a consideration.
  • Many websites charge an annual fee. When your credit card is taken, an annual amount can be automatically charged at the next anniversary.
  • You are not supporting your local community.
What are the top 5 problems with supplied PDF files?
  1. Missing bleeds.

  2. Missing bleeds.

  3. Missing bleeds.

  4. Low resolution images (mostly taken from the web)

  5. Incorrect file sizes.

A bleed is an area on a printed sheet where the image extends to the cut edge. The outcome of missing bleeds is uneven and sometimes crooked white lines on the edge of the printed piece which leaves an unprofessional look, especially on business cards. While missing bleeds can be easily applied in the native software application, repairing bleeds in a PDF can be a time consuming process. In some instances we can fix it but there will be extra charges for us to do so.

There are many printing companies and copy shops that do not worry about bleeds. Our print standards are higher. Please bear with us as we try to get it right, the first time. The end result will be worth the effort.

What do you charge to make changes or modifications?

Creating/typesetting or editing charges are subject to computer time plus new proof(s).

  • The cost will depend on the amount of work required. We can accomplish most small editing jobs, like creating or editing a simple business card, within our minimum charge of $29.25. Additional changes to the same job are subject to a minimum of $15.75.
  • Hard copy proof charges vary depending on the type (laser or ink jet) and the number of proofs required.
What makes a business card effective?

Is it originality? Legibility? Simplicity?

Perhaps it's how your business card prompts the recipient into contacting you. A clean, uncluttered design shows that you care about appearance and immediately sends out a professional vibe.

The only mandatory element is that your card must show your contact details, which should be readable and uncluttered.

Do you want some ideas? We have over 5000 samples in our front office for your perusal.

What stocks do you carry in inventory for business cards?

For cost savings and quick turnaround on business cards, we carry:

Coated: (can be uv coated for a higher gloss and enhanced protection)

  • 10 pt thick Kallima semi-gloss coated 1 side, white (10% PCW) Canadian manufactured!
  • 10 pt thick Kallima semi-gloss coated 2 sides, white (10% PCW) Canadian manufactured!
  • 11 pt thick Elite Silk semi-gloss coated 2 sides, white
  • 12 pt thick Kallima semi-gloss coated 1 side, white (10% PCW) Canadian manufactured!
  • 12 pt thick Kallima semi-gloss coated 2 sides, white (10% PCW) Canadian manufactured!
  • 14 pt thick Kallima semi-gloss coated 1 side, white (10% PCW) Canadian manufactured!
  • 14 pt thick Kallima semi-gloss coated 2 sides, white (10% PCW) Canadian manufactured!
  • 14 pt thick Polyester plastic cover, white (we recommend round corners)


  • 9.5 pt thick Mohawk Loop uncoated linen, grey, ivory or white (100% PCW)
  • 10 pt thick Mohawk Loop uncoated smooth, gypsum, pumice, rose quartz or talc (100% PCW)
  • 11 pt thick Mohawk uncoated Via vellum, kraft (30% PCW)
  • 13 pt thick Enviro uncoated smooth, white (100% PCW)
  • 15 pt thick Mohawk Superfine uncoated smooth double thick, white
  • 34 pt thick Mohawk Superfine uncoated smooth eggshell ultrawhite G1s (super thick!)

All of these papers, other than the polyester plastic, are North American and are "forestry certified", with various percentages of post consumer waste.

We also have many unique stocks on clearance. Some of them are very cool and the best thing is that they are marked down. Pop in to our office and have a boo.


Will the ink rub off or crack on my business cards?

Depending on the specifications, we use both digital and offset technologies to print business cards.

Dry toner based digital printing is prone to cracking, especially if a dark image is on a fold or bleeds off the edges, but our HD digital press uses new ink technology which is much less likely rub off or crack.

Offset printing is unlikely to crack. The ink tends to soak in to the stock, rather tha sitting on top of it.

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