Fotoprint Ltd.
#100, 759 Courtney Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1C3

P250 382 8218
F250 478 5506



Do you need some thingamabobs printed?

No problem. With a comprehensive equipment profile which utilizes many different print technologies, there is not much that we can't produce. Give us a shot.

Any size, any colour, any quantity.

Here's a list of custom products printed at Fotoprint:

  • Doomahickeys
  • Gizmos
  • Gadgets
  • Thingamajigs
  • Whatsits
  • Whatchamahoozies


Since the pricing for Gizmos is different from Whatsists, please request an estimate.

If you don't have a prepared digital file, no problem. We have a fully equipped Premedia department who can create your 'vision in print'. Pop in and we will be happy to give you a price.