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Adobe CS or CC

Adobe CS    Adobe CC

Adobe CS stands for Creative Suite. It was the non subscription version's of Adobe apps that were often bundled together for a price break. Now Adobe offers CC apps, or Creative Cloud apps. They are subscription based

To load the PDF settings for Adobe CS or CC, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Fotoprint PDF .jobsettings file (Right click and choose 'Save as'). Do not open this file, there is no human-readable information. Save it to somewhere easy to find (like your desktop).
  2. (a) Open InDesign and choose 'File' > 'Adobe PDF Presets' > 'Define', then browse to the Fotoprint PDF settings file and click 'Done', or
    (b) Open Illustrator and choose 'Edit' > 'Adobe PDF Presets' > 'Import', then browse to the Fotoprint PDF settings and click 'Open' > 'Ok'.
  3. The next time you export a PDF, choose 'Fotoprint' from the 'Settings' or 'Adobe PDF Presets' menu in the PDF export dialogue box.
  4. Make sure to check your bleed settings in the PDF export box, they are not part of the .jobsettings file as they are unique to each document.

Further Study

Can I view your proof on my smartphone/mobile device?

Not properly.

You can check the text for edits or grammar, but you MUST view your proof in Adobe Reader or Acrobat on a computer, or in person, for accuracy of layout, transparency, missing items, etc.